Welcome to STUDIO DARIEN – School of traditional Pilates

You’ll get acquainted with me, Joseph Pilates and his method as he intended it to be taught. Seeing photos/videos of clients and reading about their experiences may inspire you to try this brilliant system yourself.

To understand the power and potential for change that Pilates offers, the authenticity of the instructor is paramount. As a certified Pilates instructor, I impart the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates along with the coordination of the too often over-shadowed elements of his work: the mind and the spirit. I believe that by practicing the true and authentic Pilates method with mindfulness, will result in harmony of body, mind and spirit.

– Darien Gold, 2nd Generation Pilates Instructor

Darien makes her successful move to Sonoma County!

After twenty years of teaching Pilates in Los Angeles, Darien was ready to share her gift of teaching with a new audience and in a new environment. Darien relocated to Sonoma County, and within the first few weeks was making her mark. You can find Darien teaching in Petaluma at Yoga One where she’s introduced the local community to the classical Pilates repertoire. Mat classes as well as private/duet apparatus lessons which have become extremely popular. In addition to Darien’s popularity in Petaluma, she’s excited to be asked to run the Continuing Education program for the Pilates instructors at Body Kinetics in Novato and San Rafael. Body Kinetics Health club and Spa, soon to be known as Body Kinetics Fitness and Wellness club, was responsible for introducing Pilates to the Northern California fitness community in 1990. Visit Darien’s FB fan page and stay current with new classes and workshops she is offering, as well as information on her upcoming school of traditional Pilates.

Mat Classes with Darien

Spend some time with Darien as she teaches you the signature mat classes she demonstrated in her award-winning DVD series. Please join her in a Mat class odyssey from southern California to northern California.